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Eastern Catholic Corner

  • Leavened Bread Used in the Eastern Rite
    • “ the body of Christ is truly confected in both unleavened and leavened wheat bread,” (Session 6 of the Council of Florence)
    • “the example of Christ, the aptitude of unleavened bread to be regarded as a symbol of the purity of His Sacred Body, free from all corruption of sin,” (“The Blessed Eucharist as a Sacrament” in Catholic Encyclopedia)
    • Yeast is like the soul to the body; it gives life.


  • First Scrutiny
  • Sacramental Bread
    • “§2. The bread must be only wheat and recently made so that there is no danger of spoiling.
    • §3. The wine must be natural from the fruit of the vine and not spoiled.” -Can. 924
    • For those with celiac disease:
      • “Can.  925 Holy communion is to be given under the form of bread alone, or under both species according to the norm of the liturgical laws, or even under the form of wine alone in a case of necessity.”
    • What does the host taste like?

Catholic Terms

  • Host
  • Precious Blood


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