CCP011 – Vatican 2: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Dan (@DanCatholic),  Jake (@jakepw) and Chris

Current Events

  • Mother Teresa

Eastern Catholic Corner

  • Importance of learning about and experiencing Eastern Catholicism
    • Provides spirituality not found in the Latin Rite.
    • Different ≠ bad.
      • Byzantine Catholic Deacon Robert Cripps, “Now, I’m not saying the Latin way is wrong. It’s just not a method that works for me.”
      • Truth in the Catholic Church, difference in expression.
    • Differences in liturgies. (Beauty found in each liturgy)
    • Spirituality not always found in the Latin Rite.
      • For example, intinction is not allowed in the Diocese of St. Petersburg.
      • Eastern Catholic Churches have their own dioceses/eparchies.


Catholic Terms

  • Sacramentals
  • Nativity
  • Vatican 2

Catholic Glossary:


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One thought on “CCP011 – Vatican 2: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

  • First up, I really enjoy listening to your podcasts, and learning so much from them.
    I wanted to share the perspective of someone who receives Holy Communion in the hands. I like that at the Last supper where the tradition began, the disciples ate bread with their hands and drank wine from cups – it was a meal shared with friends a community event. I also love that hands have such sacramental significance. The countless blessing giving with the laying on of hands at Baptism, at Confirmation, the hands over you during reconciliation. I love that hands are so human and so divine in their actions – Hands are healing, loving, helping, caring and supportive.
    When we present our hands to receive the host we place our hands up in a symbolic representation of asking for help. To raise your hands up is such a humble way to express the need for more. It shows you are asking for help knowing that you are not whole without God. I love that you receive the host with your weakest hand laid on the top.
    Hands tell the story of human life, they remind me of our humanity, the humanity of Jesus and the divinity of God in the gift of his Son.

    I would also love to hear more discussion on what being Catholic looks like in daily life. How you see God in everyday things and situations and what it means to be a member of the church, what is our mission?

    Just a few ideas that may or may not be of interest. Cheers and enjoy the journey!!! Jo


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